Thursday, December 9

Coming soon...

We are under construction and are accepting submissions:

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Our first official re-lauch date will be April 1st, 2011.  Expect a new lay out, a new style, and a fresh out look on life. We'll see you in the New Year, poets.

Monday, March 29

I have decided

Hello No Teeth Poetry Readers,

I have decided to give up on this endeavor.  I mean.  It was a fun ride.  But, now it is over.  This work will be left up until June of 2010.  Then, it will be taken down.  Those contributors which wish their work to come down before then, please e-mail me at and I will remove your pieces. This has been coming for a long time. It's not because of the work.  I like it.  It's because I feel like the work isn't do anything for a larger audience AND most importantly--TO MY PUBLISHED AUTHORS.

Please read the following essay on "The New Math of Poetry"

As a basic reason, I quote this passage from the essay:

"The hundreds of poets who are at this moment contemplating editing yet another poetry journal or anthology need to ask themselves if they will introduce readers to future Eliots, Bishops, Ginsbergs, or Plaths—or merely add more lineated prose to what Beckett would call "the impossible heap." "The weeder is supremely needed," Ezra Pound warns, "if the Garden of the Muses is to persist as a garden." The new math analyzed here suggests that poetry is on Miracle-Gro and is rapidly becoming a jungle."

Monday, March 1

Pedestal Sink NICE

Write a poem based on a post like this one:

Poems based on classifieds are the best ones.  Where did the sink come from?

Why is lady giving away a ton of Similac formula?

The answer doesn't matter, only your poem about it!

(If you made this posts on craigslist, don't worry.  I am not making fun of you).